2022: Brand Ambassador

2022: Brand Ambassador

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  • Company Name: Fintech Marketing Hub
  • Title: Brand Ambassador
  • Employment type: Volunteer
  • Location: London, UK
  • Duration of employment: March 2022 - Present

At a glance

  • Hosting virtual/in-person events and discussion panels
  • Engaging with community members through Slack discussion
  • Promoting the hub among the other fintech marketers' community


The Fintech Marketing Hub is the fastest-growing digital fintech marketing community. It was created to support the growing global fintech marketing community by providing a one-stop resource for the latest marketing trends and insights in the world of fintech. The hub also aims to serve as a collaboration platform where fintech marketers of all experience levels can connect and exchange opinions, ideas, and expertise.

I believe there is a considerable knowledge gap among fintech marketers regarding developer marketing strategies and tactics. One of the most effective ways to narrow this gap is to engage with fintech marketers, hear their experiences, and share what they've learned. Therefore, I joined The Fintech Marketing Hub as its very first Ambassador.