2021: Demand Generation Manager

2021: Demand Generation Manager

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  • Company Name: Railz AI
  • Title: Demand Generation Manager
  • Employment type: Permanent Full-time
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Duration of employment: August 2021 - September 2022

At a glance

  • Directed Railz’s demand generation strategy and increased marketing’s contribution to annual recurring revenue (ARR) to 33% (7.2% quarterly increase)
  • Managed over multi-six figure paid ads budget (confidential) and increased the customer lifetime value (CLTV)/ customer acquisition cost (CAC) to 3.89
  • Increased touchpoints within a customer’s journey, optimized landing pages, and converted engaged contacts through calls-to-actions and thought leadership content, leading to a 45% increase in leads/MQL.
  • Increased the sales qualified lead (SQL)/ marketing qualified lead (MQL) ratio by 13% by implementing a data-driven lead scoring and dynamic content recommendation framework based on prospect’s behavior attributes (through Mixpanel) and demographic components
  • Designed the user behavior research plan, implemented the event tracking platform, and developed the Rilaz business metrics dashboard in Google Data Studio to evaluate program effectiveness/ROI
  • Contributed to the content development for target consumers and increased the organic traffic share to 46% (12% quarterly increase)
  • Implemented Rail’z integrated marketing automation engine using HubSpot, SalesForce, SalesLoft, and Mixpanel
  • Collaborated with five agencies and three freelancers on specific marketing campaigns and paid advertising efforts
  • Discovered new marketing opportunities for the developers’ community by performing market analysis on Github and Reddit developers’ channels


Let me tell you a funny story! My father was a banker in the 90s when I was a kid. Some evenings I spent a couple of hours in the bank doing my homework while my dad and his colleagues were finishing some tasks. I was hearing random words like; loan, account, balance sheet, credit line, deposit, investment, and many other things, which brought millions of questions into my mind. I remember them using floppy disks to store their daily transaction data!

In 2021, I saw fintech in every corner of the finance industry, aiming to improve efficiency and provide a seamless digital experience to support hundreds of companies looking for innovative, easy-to-use, and flexible financial solutions and tools. There is a revolution in the finance industry led by fintech, and that was truly exciting for me to work with a fintech company. Therefore, I joined Railz to direct its demand generation and support its mission to build the largest financial data network. Working with Railz was an incredible opportunity for me to dive deep into marketing data analysis and build a robust data-driven marketing strategy. With the support of the engineering team at Railz, I implement an in-house user behavior analysis framework that enriches prospects' properties, predicts buying intent by analyzing leads' behavioral history, and derives product development insights through various clustering analyses. I designed the user behavior research plan, implemented the event tracking platform, and developed the Rilaz business metrics dashboard using multiple APIs and data sources.