2019: Marketing Analytics Manager

2019: Marketing Analytics Manager

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  • Company Name: Tutti Delivery App
  • Title: Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Employment type: Permanent Full-time
  • Location: Victoria, Canada
  • Duration of employment: September 2019 - August 2021

At a glance

  • Contributed $1.5M to Tutti’s annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Managed over $0.5M/yr marketing budget and optimized digital ad spend resulting in a 46% increase in ROI (40% decrease in CAC).
  • Nominated for 2021 VCC Business of the Year award
  • Directed company-wide marketing analytics strategy and marketing team of 4 (1 data analyst, 2 marketing coordinators, and 1 web developer)
  • Conducted in-depth competitive analysis to identify new growth opportunities, resulting in the launch of a new feature ($0 delivery fee) that generated $0.7M in revenue in its first year
  • Implemented a marketing analytics strategy and launched Go-to-market strategies to expand into 8 new markets
  • Collaborated with the product team, and executed A/B testing plans to develop segmented in-app promotions resulting in a 57% Monthly Active User (MAU) growth and a 15% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Planned and managed +30 B2B joint, affiliate, and channel marketing campaigns with business partners, boosted their sales by 23%
  • Enhanced social media engagement rate by 290%
  • Developed and maintained marketing dashboards and reports, providing timely insights and recommendations to C-Suite stakeholders and resulting in a 50% decrease in decision-making time.


Tutti is a British Columbia-based food and beverage delivery app. Its mission is to support local merchants by offering them a competitive rate, a customizable storefront on the app, and marketing support while bringing communities together around a shared love of food. I joined Tutti in September 2019; a few months afterward, the COVID-19 pandemic happened, and I indeed say that I gained a significant part of my professional experience during the COVID-19 pandemic when user behavior and business metrics fluctuated daily. On March 18th, 2020, when the government of British Columbia declared a provincial emergency, all restaurants shut down, and the demand for business through the Tutti delivery service skyrocketed ten times normal. That meant ten times more challenging work for me to create accurate customer segmentation based on their interaction, run real-time sentiment analysis, and predict purchase tendencies. Besides all of the marketing initiatives I kicked off at Tutti, I implemented a business reporting and analysis dashboard using Tableau. I designed an integrated dashboard to collect real-time user intent and behavior data, analyze the customer acquisition cost, predict the net profit, and optimize the daily spending on each marketing channel.