2016: Marketing Analytics Manager

2016: Marketing Analytics Manager

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  • Company Name: SamanPey Soil Improvement Services
  • Title: Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Employment type: Permanent Full-time
  • Location: Tehran, Iran
  • Duration of employment: August 2016 - February 2018

At a glance

  • Directed company-wide marketing analytics strategy and managed a +$100K marketing budget and contributed $0.5M to the annual recurring revenue (ARR) target
  • Worked with the sales team to implement a lead scoring system that improved lead quality and increased the conversion rate by 25%
  • Developed a data-driven pricing strategy based on analysis of historical project data, resulting in increased profitability on new projects
  • Collaborated with the engineering team to develop case studies to launch the SEO and content marketing strategy resulting in +500 daily organic website visitors (54% of daily traffic) and 2.6% conversion rate.
  • Increased brand awareness (45% increase in Share of Voice (SOV) and 15% monthly social media followers increase) by launching a video marketing strategy and focusing on pre-roll video ads
  • Led the development of a customer survey program to gather feedback on the company's services, and conducted a competitive analysis of the civil engineering market through industry events to identify new opportunities for the company resulting in the launch of a new product line in Jet Grouting technique
  • Implemented a new customer lifecycle management dashboard that allowed for more accurate tracking of project timelines and budgets, leading to improved project delivery and increased customer satisfaction.


It all started when I discussed SamanPey’s website with the CEO. I had designed a few websites using WordPress, and the idea of designing a new website in-house seemed very exciting. After a while, I became the sole contributor to SamanPey’s marketing analytics efforts, and I really enjoyed learning the profound marketing concepts. Therefore, I started taking online digital marketing courses and became very successful at it. I designed a high-level marketing persona and messaging strategy as a foundation for all of SamanPey’s ongoing marketing tactics. I designed various marketing campaigns, including content promotion, branding, and lead generation campaigns.