Data-Driven Marketing Benefits

Data-Driven Marketing Benefits

Jan 4, 2023 6:40 AM
December 26, 2022
Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh
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Data-Driven Marketing Benefits

What are the main benefits of using a data-driven marketing system?

In the previous articles, I have talked about data-driven marketing, it is a process in which all the data that is generated through interaction with users and customers with your brand, gets saved in a database, then marketers use data analysis techniques to determine which customers belong to which segment, and what each segment desires and how we can communicate more effectively with each customer segment so that all segments get messages that are more tailored to their needs and more personalized. In this article, I have tried to explain some of the advantages of using such a system in your marketing department.

1. Saving Time

Some businesses need to get in touch with their customers, explaining the benefits of using their service or product to them and convincing them to make the purchase. This task takes time because salespeople need to contact customers and talk to them over the phone or in person. It goes without saying that the fewer customers are contacted, the more time gets saved. To save time, it is advisable to shortlist the number of leads, those people whose contact details such as phone number or email address you have gathered. How can you shortlist your list of leads? The best way is to rely on behavioral data. You can define some criteria based on which you can decide which customers are more apt to make a purchase. Some examples might include time spent on your website. The more time they have spent on your site, the more prepared they are to proceed and make a purchase. Another criterion might be form completion and deciding that those customers who have completed registration forms are more ready. In this way, you will be able to act in a more efficient way.

2. Building Long-lasting Relationship

We as human beings love to be recognized. You will make friends with people who remember your name, your birthday, your favorite food, and other details about you more easily than those who do not. This is also the case with brands. People are more loyal to brands that know them and behave in a more personalized manner.

People tend to go to coffee houses where the barista knows them and addresses them by their names. Through data-driven marketing, you will gather data on your customers, and based on the data send them emails that interest them. This way they will be more loyal to your brand and make more purchases from you.

3. Becoming More Agile

Agile marketing is the ability to address changes in the market faster than your competitors. The business environment is changing at an accelerating speed and being stuck with past data is a recipe for failure. To be more agile you need more data and more data analysis skills.

Data-Driven marketing lets you observe customers’ behavioral data on a daily basis and spot any changes or trends that might be happening with them. This knowledge can help you make better timely decisions and prepare yourself for any impending changes.

To sum up, By applying data-driven marketing practices to your business and brand you can act in a more efficient way, build more long-lasting and profitable relationships with your customers, and be more agile.


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